If you ask any girl in SCV, they will tell you that they have been catcalled. 
81% of women have experienced catcalling, according to a survey done by “Stop Street Harassment.”
Girls experience catcalling the most between the ages
of 11 and 17. 
Adults tend to overlook this issue, saying “That’s what happens!” “Boys will be boys!”
We will force them to stop overlooking it. We will throw it right in their faces.


Who does this reach?

Our target users are those who have been ignoring this ever-growing problem so that we can force them to pay attention. People will no longer be able to live in this bubble of ignorance — the issue will be right in front of their faces.

  • Visit our Instagram, “@catcallsofscv” in which we accept direct messages from any teenager who has experienced catcalling in Santa Clarita. You can also submit anonymously at the bottom of this site.

  • We ask for what was said, the location at which it was said, and whether or not you wish to remain anonymous

  • We will post pictures of the chalk along with a screenshot of the message, and occasionally videos of the chalking


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